Nicola Fusari

Assistant Professor of Finance, Johns Hopkins University

"Looking back I would chose USI again. The collegial atmosphere, cutting-edge research, rigorous classes, and strong faculty mentorship all contributed to making USI the right place where to start my career. In addition, the Swiss Finance Institute gives you access to a network of world-renowned universities and an impressive group of faculty doing pioneering research in almost every field of Finance"

Ilaria Piatti

Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Oxford

"I consider myself very lucky to have done my PhD studies in Lugano, it was a truly fantastic experience. The quality of the coursework, the resources available, the highly collaborative environment, and the support from world class faculty allow students to thrive, as confirmed by the recent track record of placement in the job market. Personally, I particularly appreciated the opportunity to take courses in other Swiss universities, attend PhD workshops and academic conferences, and even visit other top institutions (LSE and Duke) as a PhD candidate, which helped me build a network in the academic community."

Sebastien Michenaud

Assistant Professor of Finance, De Paul University

"My years at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) were some of my most productive and fun research years I can remember.  It is in Lugano that I was able to build what would later become my research agenda. It is in Lugano I grew as an empirical corporate finance researcher.  My advisor, the rest of the faculty, and my fellow PhD students were all instrumental in helping me be successful on the academic job market. I also remember fondly of the fun time we used to spend playing tennis with colleagues or the football tournaments with the Italian crew to relax after long days of coding and writing research."

Recent Academic Placements

Silvia Dalla Fontana 2024 ESCP Business School, Torino  Assistant Professor of Finance
Davide Sinno 2024 Monash University, Australia Assistant Professor of Finance
Matteo Pirovano 2024 Cornèr Banca Risk Manager
Shuang Chen 2023 University of Melbourne
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance
Nicola Mano 2022 Generali Insurance, Switzerland Risk Manager Finance and Investments
Tina Oreski
2022 ESCP Business School, Torino, Italy Assistant Professor of Finance
Hao MA
2022 Queen Mary University, UK Assistant Professor of Finance
Matteo Garzoli 2021 Vontobel Quantitative Analyst
Roberto Tubaldi
BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Andrey Pankratov
Université Laval, Canada
Assistant Professor
Efe Cötelioglu
2021 Bilkent University, Turkey
Assistant Professor of Finance
Virginia Gianinazzi
Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal
Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Ümit Yilmaz
Ozyegin University, Turkey
Assistant Professor of Finance
Andrea Barbon
University of St. Gallen (HSG)
Assistant Professor
Paula Mirela Sandulescu
University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Assistant Professor of Finance
Wojciech Zurowski
Credit Suisse
Model Expert for Interest Rate Risk
Federico Carlini
Assistant Professor of Econometrics
Zoran Filipovic
2019 Université Paris Dauphine Assistant Professor of Finance
Federico Severino 2019 Université Laval, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Assistant Professor
Biljana Seistrajkova 2018 Università della Svizzera italiana Post-Doc and Lecturer
Cecilia Aquila 2018 Cardiocentro Lugano CFO
Giuseppe Pratobevera 2018 University of Vienna Post-Doc Researcher
Davide Tedeschini 2018 UBS, Switzerland Model Developer
Chiara Legnazzi 2018 Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd Risk & Performance Data Analyst
Alessio Ruzza 2018 Credit Suisse Credit Analytics
Piotr Orlowski 2017 HEC Montreal Assistant Professor, Department of Finance
Carlo Sommavilla 2017 Morgan Stanley Investment Strategies
Mirco Rubin 2016 University of Bristol Lecturer in Finance
Jovan Stojkovic 2016 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Financial Economist
Carlo Sala
2016 ESADE Business School, Barcelona Assistant Professor
Stefano Peluso 2015 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano Researcher
Gianpaolo Parise 2015 Bank for International Settlements, Basel Economist
Alexander Eisele 2014 UBS, Zurich Global Asset Management
Reza Solgi 2014 Amazon Research Scientist
Ilaria Piatti 2014 Said Business School, University of Oxford Assistant Professor of Finance
Volodymyr Vovchak 2013 UBS, Switzerland Risk Modeling and Analytics Specialist (AD), Credit Macro Forecast
Sofia Cazzaniga 2013 UBS, Switzerland Risk Modeling and Analytics Specialist
Tamara Nefedova 2013 Université Paris-Dauphine Assistant Professor of Finance
Vasileios Barmpoutis 2012 UBS, London Quantitative Analyst
Matteo Borghi 2012 Cornèr Banca SA Credit and Operational Risk Manager
Davide La Vecchia 2011 University of St. Gallen (HSG) Assistant Professor of Time Series Econometrics
Anna Cieślak 2011 Kellogg School of Management, current position Duke University, Durham NC Assistant Professor of Finance
Andrea Vedolin 2010 LSE - London School of Economics Assistant Professor of Finance
Vera Baranouskaya 2010 Bank VTB (Russia) Managing Director
Hakim Dall'O 2010 UBS Wealth Management Risk Analyst
Nicola Fusari 2009 Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Assistant Professor
John Theal 2009 Central Bank of Luxembourg Portfolio Risk Management
Jens Martin 2009 University of Amsterdam (UVA) Assistant Professor of Finance
Shane Legg 2009 Google DeepMind Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Valeria Volpe 2008 Allianz Italia Head of Investment Planning and Controlling
Jonfilippo Fabiano 2008 Credit Suisse, Zurich
Maurizio Luisi 2008 Unigestion Senior Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Sébastien Michenaud 2008 DePaul University, Chicago IL Assistant Professor of Finance
Alessandro Laurent 2006 Seven Investment Management LLP, UK Senior Portfolio Manager
Fulvio Corsi (SFI) 2005 Università Ca'Foscari, Venezia Associate Professor

City University of London Reader
Francesca Bellini 2005 UBI Pramerica SGR Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Claudia Ravanelli 2004 University of Zurich Senior Researcher at the Department of Banking and Finance
Loriano Mancini 2004 Università della Svizzera italiana, SFI Lugano Associate Professor of Finance
Ettore Croci 2003 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan Associate Professor of Finance
Patrick Gagliardini 2003 Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano Full Professor of Economics