The Institute of Finance at USI, Lugano

The field of Financial Economics can make important contributions to the well-functioning of a society within the modern economic system, and in Switzerland in particular. Firms need capital to undertake investment projects and generate economic growth. Through financial markets, capital is conveyed to deserving firms. Advances in Financial Economics can help a society in developing investment expertise that is indispensable for the appropriate allocation of savings. Individuals’ welfare, especially at retirement, crucially depends on their ability to allocate in a considerate way their savings to suitable investment products. The economy of Switzerland, as well as that of Ticino, rely in important ways on a thriving financial sector. A sophisticated knowledge of Financial Economics is necessary for maintaining a lead in this highly-competitive industry.

Inspired by these considerations, the Institute of Finance at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano intends to pursue the following objectives: 

  • Advancing the knowledge in Financial Economics through research that is a the frontier in this field 
  • Contributing to excellence in education in Finance and Quantitative Methods in Switzerland  
  • Nurturing a stable and mutually beneficial relation with the Swiss financial center, especially in Ticino. In particular, the Institute members wish to make their knowledge base available to the demands of the local economy 
  • Maintaining a strong partnership with the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI), which is the leading research network in Finance in Switzerland

The Institute of Finance coordinates the Bachelor, Master and PhD education in Finance at USI. It organizes a seminar series hosting leading international scholars. It supports the research activities of its faculty members and doctoral students. It disseminates the results of its research to a broader audience in Switzerland and internationally.