Spring graduation ceremony for 98 students of the USI Faculty of Economics

The presenter of the two ceremonies Giada Marsadri
The presenter of the two ceremonies Giada Marsadri

Institutional Communication Service

The spring graduation session of the USI Faculty of Economics was held in two parts: on Thursday, May 20, in Italian, for the Bachelor's degrees; and on Friday, May 21, in English, for the Master's degrees. During the two ceremonies, both streamed live from the Lugano West Campus Aula Magna, the names of 98 graduates representing 12 different nationalities were announced.

The two events, conducted by Giada Marsadri, were opened with the institutional address of the Rector of USI Prof. Boas Erez, followed by the speeches of the Faculty Dean Prof. Gianluca Colombo and of the Head of the Career and Alumni Service Silvia Invrea. As part of the proclamation of the Master's programs, a few graduates took stage to share their experience of studying at USI. The various moments of the ceremonies were accompanied by the music of the SMUM Quintet - a Ticino-based jazz combo formed by Emilio Soana (trumpet), Gabriele Comeglio (sax), Giorgio Meuwly (electric guitar), Marco Ricci (electric and double bass) and Rocco Lombardi (drums).

Listed below are the names of the graduates, in alphabetical order and indicating their nationality, divided by study programme.



Bachelor of Arts in Economics

  1. Allevi Mattia, Switzerland
  2. Cagnoni Paolo Alfonso, Italy
  3. Camorani Andrea Maria, Italy
  4. Cariglia Matteo, Switzerland
  5. Castagna Sofia, Italy
  6. Colombo Luca, Italy
  7. Corno Francesca, Italy
  8. De Gottardi Elisa, Switzerland
  9. Feller Marta, Switzerland
  10. Giaccari Fabio, Switzerland
  11. Juric Bono, Switzerland
  12. Miccolis Michele, Italy
  13. Pallickel Santhosh, Switzerland
  14. Paschina Francesco, Italy
  15. Recupero Gianluca Marco Fabrizio, Switzerland
  16. Rossetti Lorenzo Rodolfo, Italy



Master of Science in Economics, Major in Economics and International Policies

  1. Angeloni Marco, Italy
  2. Arapi Viola, Italy
  3. Arlati Giorgia, Italy
  4. Balestra Anna, Italy
  5. Bignasca Alessandro, Switzerland
  6. Bisagno Giovanni, Italy
  7. Bogo Jacopo, Italy
  8. Bragotto Nicolò, Italy
  9. Canetta Jacopo, Italy
  10. Coniglio Lucia, Italy
  11. Dallacasagrande  Matteo, Italy
  12. Frakulla Mirjam, Italy
  13. Gabrielli Gianluca, Italy
  14. Giordano Riccardo, Italy
  15. Lavezzo Daniele, Italy
  16. Martina Daniele, Italy
  17. Moro Silvia, Italy
  18. Napolano Gianluca, Italy
  19. Riccelli Elisabetta Laura, Italy
  20. Sabia Aaron, Italy
  21. Soligo Chiara, Italy
  22. Tessarollo Giovanni, Italy
  23. Turrà Andrea, Italy
  24. Venneri Barbara, Switzerland

Master of Science in Economics, Major in Banking and Finance

  1. Borri Lorenzo, Italy
  2. Fieschi Tatiana, Switzerland
  3. Gonzalez Guzman Daliasny, Italy
  4. Ostuni Giovanni, Italy

Master of Science in Economics, Major in Finance

  1. Asghar Nabeel, Switzerland
  2. Baldo Gianmarco, Italy
  3. Degiorgi Elia, Switzerland
  4. Invernizzi Andrea, Italy
  5. Invernizzi Luca, Italy
  6. Martinazzo Mirco, Switzerland
  7. Moroni Kevin, Switzerland
  8. Nogic Nikola, Switzerland
  9. Pandolfo Maddalena, Italy
  10. Pascual Xavier, Spain
  11. Postizzi Lorenzo, Switzerland
  12. Saligari Eleonora, Italy
  13. Zaramella Davide, Italy

Master of Science in Economics and Communication, Major in Financial Communication

  1. Calvaruso Greta, Italy
  2. Katsira Emmanouela, Greece
  3. Schiavi Valeria, Italy

Master of Science in Economics, Major in Economic Policy

  1. Nespoli Elisa, Italy

Master of Science in Economics

  1. Servalli Fabienne, Switzerland

Master of Arts in Economics and Communication, Major in Public Management and Policy

  1. Cappelli Tiziana, Switzerland
  2. Colombo Demetra, Switzerland
  3. Fuentes Mezquita Ismael, Spain

Master of Arts in Economics and Communication, Major in International Tourism

  1. Affolter Flavia, Switzerland
  2. Alvarez Jacqueline Maria, Italy
  3. Barsocchi Silvia, Italy
  4. Coluccia Giulia, Switzerland
  5. Geiger Violetta, Germany
  6. Gervasoni Ylenia, Switzerland
  7. Moslehi Zahra, Iran
  8. Ottolini Sara, Italy
  9. Patruno Angela Simona, Italy
  10. Pop Oana-Carina, Romania
  11. Reale Rossella, Italy
  12. Sormaz Andela, Serbia

Master of Science in Economics, Major in Management

  1. Allahverdiyeva Sabina, Azerbaigian
  2. Caravello Matteo Jose, Italy
  3. Cocconcelli Lorenzo, Italy
  4. Dostálová Michaela, Czech Republic
  5. Fiocchetto Valerio Massimo, Italy
  6. Hort Kevin, Switzerland
  7. Koch Mattia, Switzerland
  8. Koch Tom, Germany
  9. Laghezza Tiziana, Switzerland
  10. Majed Hijazi Sarah, Lebanon
  11. Mursia Marinella, Italy
  12. Pacini Galazzo Niccolò, Italy
  13. Pesta Andrea, Italy
  14. Phillips Mary Lawrence, U.S.A.
  15. Poletta Matteo, Italy
  16. Rancati Mattia, Italy
  17. Trullo Edoardo, Italy
  18. Ventre Eleonora, Switzerland
  19. Villani Maria Chiara, Italy



Master of Advanced Studies in Healthcare Economics and Management

  1. Antonini Pietro, Switzerland
  2. Cheda Dante, Switzerland